Tuesday, February 15, 2022

A working meeting was held in Tbilisi within the framework of the U18 program


On September 3-4, 2017, SIQA organized a working meeting in Tbilisi within the framework of the U18 program. The project "You Can Do More – To Strengthen Civic Participation of Children and Youth in Eastern Europe" is a new project presented by SIQA in Georgia. 10 regions of Georgia are involved in the project. The working meeting, held in Tbilisi was attended by civic education teachers from Tbilisi, Kvemo Kartli, Kakheti, Shida Kartli and Mtskheta-Tianeti public schools. German expert Nora Korte introduced the participants to the U18 program goals, history and implementation methods. The teachers discussed the possibilities of holding youth elections simulated by the U18 method in Georgia, presented concrete plans for organizing project activities.

SIQA’s representatives participated in an international conference on political education

On September 21, 2017, SIQA’s representatives Inga Paichadze and Tsira Tavshavadze participated in an international conference on political education. Conference, which was held in Germany, st. In Berlin, they talked about the experience of organizing the U18 program in Germany, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia. The Georgian version of U18, which is an interesting and innovative approach in terms of program implementation, was also discussed at the panel discussion. 

Camp "Initiator 2017" is underway


On August 7, 2017, another SIQA  camp "Initiator 2017" started in Bakuriani. 23 high school students are participating in the camp. From Rustavi # 10 and # 28 schools. During the camp, students will be trained on entrepreneurship and social project creation and management. The second half of the day is busy with a variety of camping activities. The project implementing partner is "Consulting and Training Center".

Cooperation of German SIQA volunteers with Rustavi #1 Public School

 SIQA’s German volunteers Catalina Wortmann and Anika Gunter are actively collaborating with Rustavi Public School # 1 this school year: helping 10th graders learn German better. On June 1, an open lesson in German language was held in the 10th grade of Rustavi Public School #1. In collaboration with a German language teacher, SIQA’s European volunteers facilitated the group to complete various tasks.

Summer Camp Of Civic Education 2017


On June 18-22, 2017, The Summer Camp Of Civic Education 2017 was being held in Bakuriani, organized by SIQA.

The camp was organized within the framework of the civic education program "Future Generation". 80 students and 11 civic education teachers from 11 regions of Georgia were taking part in the camp.

Creating an environmental wall drawing on the border highway in the village center


Within the framework of the "Future Generation" program, at the youth forum organized by SIQA, students from Kachagani and Kirach-Mughanlo public schools in Marneuli Municipality developed and implemented an environmental project "Protecting Our Mother Nature". The final activity of the project was to paint a wall in the center of the village of Kachagani according to one of the works of the students' environmental drawing competition. Kachagan School # 1 partnered with a small business in the village to set up a wall for young people to paint a wall in the center of the village, on the border highway. With the help of a professional artist, the young people painted a picture of a student from Kachagan # 1 Public School on the wall with environmental appeals in Georgian and Azerbaijani languages. Wall paintings and calligraphy will help raise the community's environmental awareness.

Work meeting with partner organizations of the project "We can do more! "Promoting Civic Participation of Children and Youth in Eastern Europe"

 On May 22-23, 2017, SIQA hosted representatives of partner organizations from Germany, Ukraine and Russia. The meeting took place within the project «Mehrbewegen! - Füreinestarke Kinder - und Jugendbeteiligungin Osteuropa »-„ We can do more! "Promoting civic participation of children and young people in Eastern Europe."

 An international group of civic education experts have worked together to develop an international practical guide to civic and political education. SIQA’s Executive Director Inga Paichadze and the representative of the German organization DRA Irina Bukharkina met with the representatives of the German Embassy in Georgia, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and international organizations, introduced them to the project objectives and the possibility of cooperation within the project.